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Web Design and Web Development

I offer a range of Front end Wed Design services such as prototyping of website layouts, HTML and CSS website builds, optimisation of page speed and images, as well as advertising design.

Website Design

  • Branding, logo, and visual identity across platforms.
  • New build of website or refresh of existing design.
  • Latest technologies including HTML5 and CSS3.
  • W3C Standards compliant and cross browser compatible websites.
  • Multi device development (mobile, tablet, and desktop).
  • Design and building of cross client compatible HTML emails.
  • Building of custom JavaScript functionality and integration of popular library functionality including JQuery.

Web Development

  • Object Orientated PHP web development.
  • Custom back-end systems or integration of popular CMS systems including Wordpress.
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) functionality.
  • Database creation, population, and optimisation.
  • Server configuration for improved performance of page loading.

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

I offer a range of marketing services including Adwords optimisation, social media marketing, link building, Title and Meta Tag optimisation, and website tracking.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Complete optimisation of all factors that contribute to Page Speed both through the front and back-end.
  • Optimisation of assets including images and script files and optimisation of asset delivery.
  • Targeted Meta to help improve ranking in Organic search across search engines.
  • Content generation with focus on keywords across pages, image alt's, and keyword density consideration.
  • Structured page flow focusing on principals including hierarchy.
  • Optimisation of linking both internal and external to improve search engine crawling and indexing.
  • Integration of the latest tags including Open Graph Social Meta and Schema tags.
  • Removing of any duplicate content issues that can affect Organic Search results.
  • Dynamic generation of page and image site maps.

Online Marketing

  • Setting up of popular website tracking tools on Bing, Google, and search engine submission.
  • Setting up and integration of Social media networks and Social Media features.
  • Google Adwords CPC campaigns including, text, image and product listing.
  • Google Adsense integration to generate revenue from your website.